For Dietrich von Hildebrand the paradigmatic form of human love is the love between man and woman. He had a deep affinity for the "genius" of this love, and he gained new insights into spousal self-donation and also into the sexual consummation of spousal love. He explores the unique way in which man and woman are embodied in their sexual energy.  This energy goes deeper than other bodily appetites, reaching the most intimate center of the person.

This exploration of the "depth dimension" of human sexuality is Hildebrand’s major contribution to the philosophy of embodiment. On this basis he rethinks in an original way the virtues of purity and chastity, and their opposite vices. The deep kinship of spirit that unites Hildebrand with Saint Pope John Paul II is nowhere so clearly in evidence as on this subject of man and woman.

“The sexual realm is essentially deep, for it affects the soul much more profoundly than any other bodily experience.”
From Defense of Purity

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