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The Trojan Horse in the City of God

This acclaimed 1967 work has become an international classic because of its ability to go  to the heart of the Catholic crisis. The Trojan Horse in the City of God is the principal defense of conservative Catholicism and an indictment of "progressive" or "liberal" Catholicism. Dietrich von Hildebrand exposes the "progressive" Catholic agenda, its modus operandi and the dangerous heresies it promotes. Hilderbrand states that true renewal in the church requires reaffirmation of tradition. He addresses the war against beauty in Catholic art, architecture, and worship, the fundamental error in the "new theologies", the stark contrast between what Vatican II actually said and how it has been interpreted, and why heresy must be condemned, how relativism supplanted belief in objective truth.

Topics:Catholic Church  •  Philosophy  •  Theology  •  Faith  •  Scripture  •  Art  •  Beauty  •  Crisis