The Hildebrand Project takes a major step forward with the launch of an ambitious new publishing initiative — the Hildebrand Press. 

To celebrate the occasion, we are releasing not one, but two new books!


Liturgy and Personality with a new foreword from Bishop Robert Barron. One of Hildebrand’s most beloved books, in which he explores the personality-shaping power of liturgy, and the vocation of every person to holiness.


Aesthetics: Volume I, with a new foreword from Dana Gioia. Our long-awaited English translation of Hildebrand’s magnum opus on art and beauty, in which he defends the reality and necessity of beauty against its detractors. 

The Press means many things for the Project’s future. For one, we now have the capacity to accelerate the publication of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s works, including many never before translated into English.

The Press also means we will be able to give voice to other thinkers, including contemporary figures, working in the spirit of Hildebrand’s quest for the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Your support at this juncture is critical to our long-term success. Here are the most concrete ways you can help:

  • Purchasing copies of our books.
  • Reviewing our books at 

  • Recommending and gifting the books to your friends. 

  • Helping to underwrite our future titles, beginning with In Defense of Purity and What is Philosophy? due out in Spring 2017, by making an online donation. (Please indicate the purpose of your gift in the notes field.) 


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