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On October 21, 2014, Random House releases My Battle Against Hitler—our long-awaited translation of Dietrich von Hildebrand’s gripping memoir in which he tells how he went from being a philosophy professor to the Nazi’s public enemy number one.

This book is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present Hildebrand’s courageous and brilliant witness to a vast mainstream audience. 

The coming six weeks are critical. This is the time when the book will either “take off” or “fizzle” after some early excitement. 

If major retailers like and Barnes & Noble sell enough copies within the first few weeks, the book could even make the New York Times bestseller list. This in turn sets off the crucial chain reaction that allows the book to get momentum and garner mainstream reviews and media. 

We need your help.

Here are two concrete, high-impact ways that you can help us introduce his witness to a broader audience:

  1. Join our Launch Team: Team members commit to 1) purchase a copy of the book; 2) arrange at least one additional purchase; 3) write a review on or The first hundred to join will receive a copy of My Battle Against Hitler personally inscribed by me. To join the Team, signup below.
  2. Spread the Word About the Book: Surrounding the release of the book we would value our friends talking about the book via social media. If you have a blog, newsletter or even a podcast, join the Launch Team or let us know so we can involve you in the publicity campaign. Email to mybattle [at] for more information.

And as a special “thank you” for your help and support, everyone who purchases the book by November 7th is invited to join John Henry Crosby for an intimate conversation with Alice von Hildebrand. 

John Henry Crosby will be interviewing Alice von Hildebrand and taking questions from participants on a live webinar on Wednesday, November 12th at 6:00pm EST. To join, purchase the book before Friday, November 7th and forward your receipt to mybattle [at] to get your link to join the webinar.

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