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The Hildebrand Project realizes its mission thanks entirely to our generous donors.

Our many programs are multifaceted and complimentary, as we work not only to preserve this precious legacy, but to promote its living tradition.

Most of our work falls into the following key program areas:

Hildebrand Press

The publishing division of the Hildebrand Project produces new editions and translations of works by Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand, and will publish original works of philosophy and scholarship. 

Your Funding Supports:

  • Translating the three major remaining German works by DvH: his dissertation (1912), Metaphysics of Community (1932), and late ethical masterpiece, Moralia (1980).
  • Producing new editions of out-of-print works and keeping them in print. 
  • Our efforts to develop new specialized books for educational curricula, introducing new generations to the works of Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand. 

Summer Programs

Every summer we host the destination event for students and scholars seeking to grow in fluency in Hildebrand and personalism.

Your Funding Supports:

  • Scholarships for students, including travel, room, and board. 
  • Video recording of seminar sessions for free release on YouTube.
  • Stipends for scholars teaching at our seminars.

Academic Events

Large conferences and smaller colloquia form future generations of educators in the school of Christian personalism and the philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Your Funding Supports:

  • Convening 2-day colloquia hosted at different universities to introduce new faculty to the thought of Dietrich von Hildebrand.
  • Stipends to offset travel expenses for working faculty.
  • Publishing incentives to help motivate more scholars to write and publish on Dietrich von Hildebrand. 

Website & Social

The international locus for anyone, from beginner to advanced, looking for books, resources, and opportunities to engage others interested in Hildebrand and personalism.

Your Funding Supports: 

  • The completion and publishing of a comprehensive bibliography of works by and about Dietrich von Hildebrand.
  • Ongoing support and new features for our website.



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