Virtual Reading Group: The Heart

The Heart Cover

A four week reading group through selections of The Heart with Beth Rath.

Meetings will take place through Zoom on Wednesday evenings (Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 9) from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM ET.

This group is full. To be notified if a space becomes available, please follow the link below.


Virtual Format

The meeting will be conducted live in Zoom. Links for the session will be sent out ahead of time.

To allow for rich discussion, the group is limited in size to a maximum of 20 participants. Once the group is full, additional registrations will be placed on a waitlist.

All participants are expected to have a copy of the text and to come prepared to each session having done the weekly reading (15-50 pages per week). The weekly reading schedule is available on the right-hand sidebar.


Reading groups are free to attend.

If you are able, we invite you to make a donation to help defray the costs of organizing (reading groups cost the Hildebrand Project ~$900 for a four-week group). We are committed to making reading groups accessible to all; therefore, participation is not contingent on a donation.

Your gift support this reading group, our publications, web resources, and other events, all of which contribute to bringing the vital, life-giving witness of personalist philosophy into new and uncertain times.

About the Text

In The Heart, Hildebrand is concerned rehabilitating the affective life of the human person. He thinks that for too long philosophers have held it in suspicion and thought of it as much inferior to the intellect and will, whereas in reality the heart, the center of affectivity, is just important a center of personal life as intellect and will. Hildebrand develops the idea that affectivity, rather than tending away from an objective relation to things, is in fact necessary for a fully objective relation to the world. Hildebrand also developed the important idea that the heart is “in many respects is more the real self of the person than his intellect or will.” The second half of The Heart makes the philosophical analysis fruitful for our understanding of the affectivity of the God-Man. Here readers will not only find important contributions to theology and spirituality but also an illuminating re-reading of familiar Scriptural passages.

About the Facilitator

Beth A. Rath is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Borromeo Seminary in Cleveland, OH. Her first formal experience with philosophy was as a teenager. She heard a lecture on Descartes, and from there she was intrigued by the sorts of questions philosophers ask. Beth went on to study philosophy and theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where she first encountered the work of St. Thomas Aquinas and personalism. There she heard a lecture by Alice von Hildebrand that changed the trajectory of her life and inspired her to pursue graduate studies in philosophy. She completed her doctorate in philosophy at Saint Louis University, with an emphasis on the nature of the human person, moral philosophy, and themes at the intersection of philosophy and theology. At Borromeo, Beth teaches a wide variety of philosophy courses to both seminarians and lay students, and she co-teaches Tolle Lege, a Catholic 'nerd camp' for high school seniors in the Diocese of Cleveland.


Four Sessions


Jan 19 // Jan 26 // Feb 2 // Feb 9, 2022


7:00 - 8:00 PM EDT


Suitable for intermediate and advanced students: primarily discussion.


Week 1: Pt. I Ch 1 - 2 (pp 1- 52)
Week 2: Pt. I Ch 3 - 8 (pp 53 - 71)
Week 3: Pt. II Ch 1 - 2 (pp 75 - 121)
Week 4: Parts III Ch 1 - 2 (pp 125 - 138)
*All from The Heart

To Attend: