Reading Group: FAQ

Can I join more than one group? You are welcome to register for more than one group so long as they are not scheduled to occur during the same week.

How big are reading groups? Reading groups will not exceed 30 participants per group for beginner, single-session discussions, and 20 participants for all other groups. If you have registered but are no longer able to participate, please let us know so we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

The reading group I’d like to join is full. Can I still participate? Reading groups are limited in size to allow for richer discussion. If a group is full, put your name down on the waiting list. We will be in touch if a spot becomes available. An additional reading group may open if the waiting list becomes large enough.

Is there a fee? There is no cost to participate in a reading group. We are grateful for donations that defray the cost of organizing.

I’m not an academic, have never read philosophy/Hildebrand, etc. Can I still come? Yes, please do join us! You don’t need to have a background in philosophy or Hildebrand to join a reading group. For newcomers, we suggest joining a single-session group to begin.

I registered for a reading group, but didn’t finish reading. Should I still come? Reading is an expectation of all reading group participants. This is for your enrichment and the benefit of your fellow participants. However, if you’ve started reading and haven’t been able to finish, please don’t let that stop you from attending.

I’m a teacher at a High School/University. Can I bring my class to a reading group? Yes! Please fill out this interest form and we'll be in touch.

Where can I buy the book? The Hildebrand Project does not have books for individual sale. You can purchase your books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. If you’d like to purchase books in bulk for your group, fill out a wholesale order form.