Hildebrand & the Sacred | Colloquium in Washington DC

In this colloquium, seven speakers will present papers considering: (1) Hildebrand's account of what it means to call persons or things sacred; (2) related values like holiness and numinousness; (3) bearers of these values like sacred art, music, architecture, and liturgy; as well as, (4) the role of the sacred in our political and communal lives. Each paper will be followed by comments and lively discussion to bring Hildebrand's treatment of the sacred into conversation with other recent treatments of the sacred.

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The colloquia will be conducted in person at the Catholic University of America and John Paul II Shrine. Guests are invited to attend but registration is required. Space is limited so please express interest using the provided form.


Colloquium Speakers
Mark K. Spencer (University of St. Thomas, MN)
Elizabeth C. Shaw (Catholic University of America, DC)
D.C. Schindler (Pontifical John Paul II Institute, DC)
Timothy McDonnell (Hillsdale College, MI)
Rachel Coleman (Assumption University, MA)
David Walsh (Catholic University of America, DC)
Daniel Sheffler (Memoria College, KY)

Colloquium Commentators
Fr. James Brent, OP (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, DC)
John McCarthy (Catholic University of America, DC)
John Henry Crosby (Hildebrand Project)
Catherine Beigel (Hildebrand Project & Pontifical John Paul II Institute, DC)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Trinity Academy, WI)
Catherine Yanko (Catholic University of America, DC)
John Haigh (Benedictine College, KS)

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October 14 -16, 2021

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