"This is a remarkable book." – Mary Ann Glendon

"This is a remarkable book." – Mary Ann Glendon

The new edition also features – by popular demand! — a comprehensive index, facilitating use by students and scholars. 

"The relevance of von Hildebrand’s story has by no means diminished. Extremist ideologies are again growing around us, and we hesitate to describe them in their own language, for fear of provoking them to pursue their aims. Reading von Hildebrand reminds us that there is only one sure remedy against an ideology of hate, and that is to expose it to public criticism and to affirm what it denies. The ardent faith that inspired von Hildebrand is not easily recovered in our skeptical times. 

But through his love of truth and his brave opposition to a public culture of deception, he bore witness to values that we still share. Philosophy, for von Hildebrand, was a way of life and a commitment to freedom, in the face of ideologies that promise utopia while causing only destruction and death." - Sir Roger Scruton

This new edition, which goes on sale today, is a testament to the enduring importance and contemporary relevance of Hildebrand's witness. 


John Henry Crosby
Founder & President