New Alice von Hildebrand Website

New Alice von Hildebrand Website

If you are an admirer of Dietrich von Hildebrand, chances are you owe your introduction to him to Alice von Hildebrand, his devoted wife and most popular champion. 

As a prolific essayist, author of acclaimed books, and beloved television personality, she has spent her life presenting his witness and developing his insights in her own original ways. 

We at the Hildebrand Project have long wanted to feature Alice von Hildebrand's work in full. Thanks to a leadership gift from our dear friends and longtime benefactors, Alice Ann and Ed Grayson, we were able to announce the Alice von Hildebrand Initiative at Christmas. The Graysons have been joined by a wonderful group of donors devoted to highlighting Alice von Hildebrand’s legacy. 

Today, March 11th—Alice von Hildebrand's 96th birthday—I am so pleased to be able to present the first fruits of the Alice von Hildebrand Initiative: a new website devoted to presenting the depth and breadth of her prolific output.

Here you will find essays, almost all of them otherwise unavailable, and footage from some of her more than 300 TV appearances. 

And all this is just a foretaste of what’s to come. We will be adding new content on a regular basis. And we look forward to releasing TV presentations, lectures, and radio interviews as podcasts. 

Please visit the new website, share it with friends and family, and follow us on Facebook to find out whenever new content is released. 

Above all, please join all of us at the Hildebrand Project in wishing Alice von Hildebrand—“Lily” to her friends, “Dr. Lily” to her friends in the South—a blessed and joyful birthday, offering a prayer of gratitude for the gift she has been in so many lives.