Meet the newest member of our staff.

Meet our newest member of our staff.

If you've attended any of our recent seminars, you already know Catherine Beigel. She's the one who made your travel effortless, your stay comfortable, and kept all the chaos that can attend such events at bay. 

Catherine first joined the Hildebrand Project as a Student Fellow, where she distinguished herself with a quiet confidence and effortless competence in her many responsibilities that often left us wondering how she did it all. During her time as a Student Fellow and then as Event Coordinator for our summer programs, Catherine consistently lived out the mission and spirit of the Hildebrand Project in all her interactions. 

We are delighted to welcome her into her new position as Program Coordinator for the Hildebrand Project. 

Catherine Beigel
Program Coordinator


Catherine is a graduate of Franciscan University with her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and theology. Currently she is pursuing her master’s degree in theology, and hopes to continue on to the doctoral level with an emphasis in ecclesiology. She aspires to be a professor, ideally in a seminary. Although an unusual ambition, she feels deeply a call to reveal the maternity of Mother Church to those who will dedicate their lives to defending Her honor and purity. 

Catherine was not always a philosopher and theologian. While studying abroad in the foothills of Austria, she was introduced to philosophy and the liberal arts. This period of study marked a turning point in her academic interests. Previously pursuing a career in finance, she turned to study philosophy and theology. Together with the thinkers presented in class - from Vanier to Stein to Aristotle,  she embarked into a new world of exploration.

Prior to her time in Austria, Catherine had already taken a nontraditional approach to college and taken a gap year with NET Ministries. Engaging in relational ministry at a parish for a year taught her in a profound way the unique unrepeatability of the person. Taking a step back from the concerns of work and school allowed her to focus on encountering Christ through each instance of humanity. It was an experience that she carried back with her when returning to "normal" life.

What she appreciates most about the Hildebrand Project is their dedication to supporting the new evangelization by a renewal of the person. Participating in their work as a student fellow, she engaged Hildebrand’s writings and was taught to draw others into that conversation. Time and again she watched the Project place the person as the priority in their programing. We can speak abstractly about renewing culture, but culture is made up of those who inhabit a time and a place. For Catherine,  the writings of Hildebrand helped to peel away layers of selfishness as she allowed herself to be transformed by an openness to the world of values. She hopes to share this with others in small ways and to further promote the mission of the Hildebrand Project. 

Other interests of Catherine include hiking, cooking, dreaming big dreams, scheming over a cup of coffee, and singing loudly when no one is around.