Farewell to our dear friend Louise Cowan (1906 - 2015)

Farewell to our dear friend Louise Cowan (1906 - 2015)

The Hildebrand Projects bids farewell to Louise Cowan, 1916-2015. 

She and her late husband Donald practically re-founded the University of Dallas in the 1960's and set it on its course as an important Catholic university with its own special genius.  She is remembered by several generations of students as an inspired teacher of literature. 

In my seventeen years as her colleague at the University of Dallas, I had many memorable experiences of her humanity, her wisdom, her grace and charm.  Most of all I remember her joyful spirit, her hilaritas

She served on the Advisory Council of the Hildebrand Project and enthusiastically supported our work.  She often said that Hildebrand's book on marriage played an important role on her way into the Catholic Church.  She was deeply impressed by his personality when she met him during his visit to the University of Dallas in 1971 and again in 1974.  They understood each other. 

May she rest in peace.

John F. Crosby
Co-Founder & Senior Scholar
Hildebrand Project

P.S. To provide a sense of how rare and remarkable a woman she was, I offer a selection from the many encomia presently published about her: by her friends at the University of Dallas and the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, and in the local press at the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine. She will be greatly missed.