Student Fellows 2017

Hildebrand Student Fellowships offer graduate and undergraduate students at Franciscan University of Steubenville a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain personal, intellectual, and professional development while working closely with Hildebrand Project on core initiatives. Learn more about the Fellowship here. 
Catherine Beigel
Steubenville, OH
Theology and Philosophy
I am a senior Theology and Philosophy major from Steubenville, Ohio. Growing up along the banks of the Ohio River in the shadow of Franciscan University, I'm a small town girl with a spirit for adventure and a love of hilarity. Somehow I managed to get to senior year as a philosophy and theology major, along the way taking all sorts of classes you would expect from a seminarian, which has only served to fuel my love for the Catholic Church. Some other major points of interest are an addiction to coffee, sunshine, and mornings, in that order. It is hildebrand continues to call me on to a radical knowledge of my own personhood and it is my pleasure to join the Hildebrand Project. 
Hannah Bruckner
Toledo, Oh
Theology, Philosophy Minor
I am a senior Theology major with a Philosophy minor from Toledo, Ohio, though my heart lies in Michigan.  After living and studying in Europe for four months, my passion in life became encountering beauty; but not only in the splendor of the Alps or the charm of the Vienna Art Museum. Dietrich von Hildebrand’s philosophy on value and beauty has taught me that beauty can be found in the “everyday.” It is from my experience of these everyday beauties and musings that I cannot contain my excitement about the Hildebrand Project.
I love dachshunds, French Press coffee, and reading books late into the evening. I am most likely to be found singing the praises of Bonaventure to my Thomist friends over coffee and laughter around my kitchen table.
Annie Foster
Hollidaysburg, Pa
Philosophy, English Literature Minor
I am a senior Philosophy major with a “cute little” minor in English Literature, from the quaint historic town of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.  Initially an English major, for I dreamt of becoming the next Lewis or O’Connor, my heart led me to the Philosophy department and there I stayed. I hope to someday write a few books, pass on the tradition and thought of Christian Personalism to high school students, and create fantastical bedtime stories for my children.
Benj Klare
Cincinnati, Oh
Theology and Philosophy
I am a junior Theology and Philosophy major and a  born and raised Ohioan, native to Cincinnati. I come from a family of nine and am one of a nearly innumerable amount of cousins. My hobbies consist of varied attempts at philosophy and theology, much camaraderie, the occasional workout, aspiring to the spiritual life, and more often than not a growing want of sleep and/or food. 
Emma Lindle
Cincinnati, Oh
Theology and Catechetics
I am a junior Catechetics and Theology major from Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in a great neighborhood on the suburbs of Cincinnati. I am the second oldest of seven children. My dad has a great inquisitive mind and my mom’s attentiveness to others seemed to be a good compliment. My young adult years have been formed by people deeply impacted by the life of St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI inspiring me to live life fully. I am currently a junior catechetics and theology major at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I hope to teach after graduation.
Faith Mosher
Manassas, Va
Theology and Catechetics

I am a senior Theology and Catechetics major from Manassas Virginia. I am an avid friend maker, occasional blog writer, and serious coffee drinker. I appreciate anything related to St. John Paul II and would have loved to be his best friend. After graduation, I hope to become a youth minister and to step foot into the arena of professional speaking in order to help young people encounter the love of God and discover the truth about themselves.

Jeremy Schupbach
I hail from the most noble state of Michigan, and am the youngest of four boys. I am currently engaged in my last year of undergraduate studies in philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Other than philosophy my passions include hunting, fishing, exploring nature, reading fantasy, and enjoying the company of good friends. Above all else I strive to lead a life worth living, and have found that the Catholic intellectual tradition, extending from Augustine to Aquinas to Von Hildebrand to Wojtyla, is the only worldview which truly allows ideas to become incarnate in everyday life, and therefore leads to the most robust and fulfilling existence.
Jonah Soucy
Nashua, NH
Theology and Philosophy 
I am a senior Philosophy and Theology Major from Nashua, New Hampshire. Growing up there, I was surrounded by beauty. Some of my earliest memories are of family hiking trips and being struck with wonder at the sight of the mountains and valleys. As I grew older, I fell in love with Truth and recognized that the two were inseparable. I love chess, pipes, bourbon, personalist philosophy, classic literature, and anything resembling adventure.
Clarissa Sutter
Greenville, SC
My three years at Franciscan have been a whirlwind of adventure marked with bouts of clarity. From studying biology to business, the search to know myself has never been exhausted. I’m a native of Greenville South Carolina with a heart for adventure. I have found a love for all things outdoors, social engagements, music, and the art of sustenance including, but not limited to espresso, wine, beer, and of course barbecue.  
Catherine Yanko
Fort Wayne, In
Theology and Philosophy
Even though I am a senior, I have not grown out of my childhood tendency of hiding a book under my desk to read during class. Reading and conversation still hold to be among my favorite activities. I prefer both with a cup of coffee in hand. But, my dream coffee date would be at my favorite coffee shop in my hometown, Fort Wayne, IN, with Karol Wojtyla and Edith Stein. I am studying Theology and Philosophy and absolutely love it.

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