Student Fellows 2013

Hildebrand Student Fellowships offer graduate and undergraduate students at Franciscan University of Steubenville a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain personal, intellectual, and professional development while working closely with Hildebrand Project on core initiatives. Learn more about the Fellowship here. 

Catherine O’Camb
Cortez, CO
Accounting major, Philosophy minor 

I am drawn into this Fellowship with the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project because I want to deepen my understanding of philosophy. A specific area of interest for me is the complementarity of men and women.

Chase Cloutier
Niceville, FL
Graduate Philosophy Student, B.A. in Philosophy and Theology, Sacred Music Minor 

In my undergraduate studies in Steubenville, I came to be fascinated with Christian personalism. Hildebrand exemplifies the wonder at the heart of philosophy. I am most interested in his close study of ethics, the liturgy, and the nature of love.

Anne Foster
Hollidaysburg, PA
English and Philosophy major, Theology minor 

I came upon Dietrich von Hildebrand through the writings of his wife, Alice. Ever since my introduction to Hildebrand I have been deeply intrigued to learn more from his works. Hildebrand’s philosophy was one of the factors which catalyzed my love for aesthetics and moral philosophy.

Meredith Kuzma
Communication Arts major, Philosophy minor 

In Spring 2013 I studied Philosophy of the Human Person in Austria through Franciscan’s Study Abroad program and discovered philosophy as a new passion.

Marisa Ramos
Anchorage, AK
Humanities and Catholic Culture, Philosophy and Theology Minors

I have been passionate about philosophy since my sophomore year of high school. Hildebrand beautifully ties together philosophy and theology in all of his works. I believe his writings can renew culture by the intermixing of reason and faith in an increasingly relativistic world.

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