Senior Scholars

Hildebrand Senior Scholars are leading authorities in their fields who work in fruitful collaboration with the Hildebrand Project on topics bringing their own interests in dialogue with Hildebrand's unique contributions. 

Senior Scholar appointments last for three years, during which time Senior Scholars give annual lectures, participate in conferences and events, and produce new scholarly works that bring Hildebrand's philosophy to bear on pressing issues of our day .

John F. Crosby

Prof. Crosby was himself a student of Dietrich Hildebrand. Besides writing major studies on the thought of John Henry Newman, Max Scheler, and Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II, and making his own contributions to personalist philosophy, Prof. Crosby has devoted his long and distinguished academic career—first at the University of Dallas, then at the International Academy of Philosophy, and currently at Franciscan University of Steubenville—to introducing his students to the intellectual legacy of Hildebrand, and also to making Hildebrand better known in scholarly circles. Prof. Crosby was the translator of the English edition of  Hildebrand's philosophical masterpiece, The Nature of Love, and he also serves as the General Editor of all our present and future translations of Hildebrand's works.

Rocco Buttiglione

Rocco Buttiglione was born on June 6, 1948 in Gallipoli (province of Lecce), Italy. He studied law in Turin and Rome, where he took his degree with a thesis in the history of political doctrines. He became an assistant to his academic advisor, Professor Augusto Del Noce and collaborated with Del Noce for many years. He is married and the father of four daughters.

His main intellectual concerns have been philosophy, social ethics, economics, and politics. He has held professorships at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein and Saint Pius V University in Rome and has been a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Science. He has lectured internationally and is on the editorial boards of many Italian and foreign journals.

In the early 1990s, Buttiglione helped to form an Italian political party, the Christian Democratic Union and since 1994 has served in the Chamber of Deputies in the Italian Parliament. Since 1999 he has been a member of the European Parliament, and in 2001 he was appointed by Italy's President Silvio Berlusconi to be Minister of European Affairs. He also serves on the Acton Institute's board of advisors.

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